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Excursion Party

Florida Excursion Party on the
Three days and nights on the wonderful Ocklawaha River among the wilds and beauties of the interior of Florida. Steamer "Osceola," Col. H. L. Hart's line- D. A. Dunham, Captain; Geo. H. Washington, Pilot, Left Palatka, Monday, February 22; Returned Thursday, February 25. Thermometer average 87 degrees. One of the most romantic, enjoyable and never to be forgotten excurions in America is a trip up the Ocklawaha, penetrating the heart and wilds of Florida. It is a tour as strange and wonderful as it is indescribable, and the parties who enjoy it (in the novel boats constructed especially for its navigation) form a peculiar home like associations, that frequently result in the carrying away such rememberance as this one- the photographs and trophies of the party. Among the products of this strange tropical river to be seen in the picture, is an alligator, eight feet and four inches in length, shot by Mr. Eastman, and brought by the party to Palatka.
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Scan courtesy of The Florida State Archives, Tallahassee, Florida. Image retouched and converted to anaglyph in 2005 by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. View this image using 3D glasses with the red lens over the left eye and the blue lens over the right eye.

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