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Stereoview Gallery: Tampa

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A view of the Tampa Theatre lobby from the entrance as you walk in. The furnishings that you see are either original antiques or replicas.

A mirror in the lobby of the Tampa Theatre, which was completed in 1926.

Up the stairs from the lobby of the Tampa Theatre you reach the lobby overlook where the gargoyles watch over you.

Looking out from the lobby overlook of the Tampa Theatre you can see the gargoyles that line the ceiling as well as a perched parrot that has been "hanging around" since 1926.

A closer look at a parrot that never seems to leave his perch and beyond him on the wall you can see a shield that is a replica of a design by Leonardo di Vinci.

Also located in the lobby overlook, these two chairs are regal thrones typical of those found in 14th century castles.

These gargoyles are above you, always watching out for you and the Tampa Theatre. They are believed to ward off evil spirits and originally served as water spouts in gutters. Here, they are merely guarding what is theirs to protect.

From the doors that enter into the auditorium you can see across the lobby overlook and notice the all-seeing perch of the gargoyles above.

Up a different set of stairs you arrive at the mezzanine level promenade of the Tampa Theatre.

The mezzanine level promenade was acoustically designed so that sound would float around in the space rather than bounce off of the walls.

The promenade to the mezzanine level at the Tampa Theatre is decorated in a unique manner, including elegant antique light fixtures.

In the early days of the Tampa Theatre, this sign for the "Men's Room" read "Smoking Parlour" because only men smoked in public places. For this reason, the floor is not carpeted as a safeguard against fallen ash.

One of the many starlight fixtures that guide you on your walk through the hallways of the Tampa Theatre. This one is located in the hallway between the promenade and the auditorium.

These seats were once filled as kids ran in to claim their favorite seat on Wednesday mornings after paying six RC bottle caps to watch the RC bottle cap movie at the Tampa Theatre.

On "Bank Night" these seats at the Tampa Theatre were filled with people all hopeful that they would win a cash prize of ten dollars from the drawing. At that time, in the 1930s, ten dollars would buy three weeks worth of groceries.

Nowadays Tampa Theatre is known for its spectacular architecture and its history. Originally, the Tampa Theatre was special because it was the first air conditioned theatre in the area and it hosted the World Premiere of Disney's "101 Dalmations."

This is one of many elaborately carved mirror frames that can be found throughout the Tampa Theatre.

Decorated plaster walls frame the stage. Included in the decoration are many statues that are faithful copies of original masterpieces. Here, you can clearly see "The Soldier Lorenzo de Medici" by Michaelangelo.< /font>

Looking up from your seat you would see a night sky with 99 stars, some that twinkle, and clouds drifting by.

The grounds of the Tampa Bay Hotel

A look at the intricate architecture of the Tampa Bay Hotel

A shade tree on the grounds of the Tampa Bay Hotel

Inside the Tampa Bay Hotel, a view of the parlor

Outside at the Tampa Bay Hotel

Franklin St., Tampa, Metropolis of Florida. Tampa, the metropolis of the west coast, is often referred to as "the all-year-round city." It is strategically located on the Gulf Coast. From here it is convenient to reach other Gulf ports, Central America and the West Indies.


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