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Three Column Notes

This strategy helps students with comparing and contrasting. Attributes are compared and contrasted using three-columns (different-same-different). This is similar to a Venn diagram, but in column form.

  1. The students read an assigned story.

  2. The students compare and contrast the story to one previously read, or within itself. If you wish to compare and contrast within one story, you can do so with the characters.

  3. The students take notes underneath the three columns to compare and contrast between any two concepts (characters, settings, subjects or topics, events, etc.).

  4. The students share their notes with the class, and may extend the activity by putting their information into paragraph form.

    Reading FCAT Ideas from Pinellas County Teachers, Grades K-5, April 1998, p. 22.
Home > Florida Then & Now > Three Column Strategy

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