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Gallery: Daytona, III

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"The surf and beach, showing Clarendon hotel at seabreeze from Daytona Beach, FLA."

"Ridgewood Avenue, Daytona Beach."

"The Finest Beach in the World, Daytona Beach."

"Hotel Des Pland." (top left) "The Ridgewood." (top right) "The Bennett." (bottom left) "Schmidt's Villa." (bottom right)"

"Daytona FLA. Halifax River Yact Club." (sic.)

"The world's largest bandshell by the sea at Daytona Beach is typical of the elaborate efforts on the part of the Florida communities to entertain their visitors."

A damaged race car is hauled off the beach by horses in this circa 1910 panoramic postcard.

"Beach Street North, Daytona, Fla."

"Beach Strret"

"On the Ormond-Daytona Beach, near seabreeze"

"The Ridgewood."

"A cozy corner in the parlor of The Ridgewood."

"the parlor"

"The Williams Hotel"

"The Ridgewood Hotel"

View of the bandshell and observation tower on Daytona Beach.

A tourist is pictured on the shores of the Atlantic ocean with a Ford Galaxie 500.

"Aeroplane on the Beach, Daytona, Fla."

"Halifax River Front and Esplanade."

"Home and Grounds of Commodore C.G. Burgoyne."

"Floor-like Beach Along Atlantic Ocean."

"Home of B.P.O. Elks."

"Halifax River Yacht Club."

"Daytona Public School Building."

"Golf Links--Daytona."

"The Palmetto Club Building."


Home > Photos > Cities > Daytona > Daytona, III
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