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Gallery: Manatee Village Historical Park, II

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Entrance to the court house, which was constructed in 1860. This building serves as the oldest remaining court house in Florida.

Side view of the court house.

Detail of a quill and ink bottle.

Ballot box.

Side view of Bunker Hill School, which was built in 1908. This building is a typical example of one-room schoolhouses that existed during the turn of the century.

The Smokehouse was used to store and preserve meats.

Entrance to the Old Meeting House, which was built in 1887.

Side view of the Old Meeting House.

Detail of the Old Meeting House.

Interior view of the Old Meeting House.

The six-pointed star, known to Early Protestants as the "Star of Creation," and in the Jewish tradition as the "Star of David."

Interior view of the Old Meeting House.


Stained glass window.

Entrance to the Wiggins Store, which was built in 1903 near the Manatee River.

Entrance to the Wiggins Store.

Flags are displayed off a balcony at the Wiggins Store.


Detail of branding equipment.

Brands of pioneer cattlemen of Manatee County.

Detail of a broad axe.

Detail of a maul and other equipment. A maul is a heavy, long-handled hammer used especially to drive stakes, piles, or wedges.

Detail of a hack.

Detail of a scraper.

Detail of a tin cup.

A trough, which is typically used to store water for animals.

Detail of a brick manufactured by the Southern Clay MFG Co.

Detail of bricks. The Wiggins Store was one of the first brick buildings in the area.

View of the Turpentine Still, which was used to process gum extracted from trees.


A model of the Turpentine Still.

Schematics for the Turpentine Still.

Entrance to Bat Fogarty Boat Works, which was built during the 1860s.


Home > Photos > Cities > Manatee Village > Manatee Village, II
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