Photo Gallery: Islands

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Make a video plea for the protection of beaches using the gallery of photos. Describe the protection of the mangroves, sea oats, etc. and the balance of the eco-system. Focus on one particular beach and be sure to give sand erosion facts, etc.

Standards this activity addresses:

Grades 9-12 (1996 Standards)
Strand D - Processes that Shape the Earth
2. The student understands the need for protection of the natural systems on Earth. (SC.D.2.4) BM 1
Strand F - Processes of Life
2. The student understands the process and importance of genetic diversity. (SC.F.2.4) BM 3
Strand G - How Living Things Interact With Their Environment
1. The student understands the competitive, interdependent, cyclic nature of living things in the environment. (SC.G.1.4) BM 1
2. The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources. (SC.G.2.4) BM 2,4,5,6
Strand H - The Nature of Science
1. The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems. (SC.H.1.4) BM 1, 4, 7
3. The student understands that science, technology and society are interwoven and interdependent. (SC.H.3.4) BM 3, 6
Grades 9-12 (2008 Standards)
Body of Knowledge:
Reading/Language Arts
Strand: Information and Media Literacy
Standard 4: Technology LA.910.6.4.1 and 6.4.2
Nature of Science
Standard 1 - The Practice of Science SC.912.N.1.1 - N.1.7
Standard 4 - Science and Society SC.912.N.4.1, N.4.2
Earth and Space Science
Standard 7 - Earth Systems and Patterns SC.912.E.7.8
Life Science
Standard 17 - Interdependence SC.912.L.17.8, L.17.13, L.17.17, L.17.18, L.17.20