Explorers Return

Weedon Island Virtual Reality Movie

Resource: Weedon Island Virtual Reality Movie Resource: Weedon Island Preserve homepage Resource: Weedon Island parks homepage


Pretend that you are an explorer like Lewis and Clark. You have returned from visiting Weedon Island and must show your findings to your benefactors. You must identify the plants, wildlife, weather, and soil conditions of this area. Decide whether you want to convince your benefactor to colonize the area, or if you would like to protect the area. Do this using stills, videos in i-movie or powerpoint. Provide audio by making a podcast in Garage Band.

Standards this activity addresses:

Grades 9-12 (1996 Standards)
Strand D - Processes that Shape the Earth
2. The student understands the need for protection of the natural systems on Earth. (SC.D.2.4) BM 1
Strand G - How Living Things Interact With Their Environment
1. The student understands the competitive, interdependent, cyclic nature of living things in the environment. (SC.G.1.4) BM 1
2. The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources. (SC.G.2.4) BM 2,4,5,6
Strand H - The Nature of Science
1. The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems. (SC.H.1.4) BM 4, 5, 6, 7
3. The student understands that science, technology and society are interwoven and interdependent. (SC.H.3.4) BM 3-6
Grades 9-12 (2008 Standards)
Body of Knowledge:
Nature of Science
Standard 1 - The Practice of Science SC.912.N.1.1 - N.1.7
Standard 4 - Science and Society SC.912.N.4.1, N.4.2
Earth and Space Science
Standard 7 - Earth Systems and Patterns SC.912.E.7.3, E.7.6, E.7.8
Life Science
Standard 17 - Interdependence SC.912.L.17.2, L.17.3, L.17.8, L.17.13, L.17.15
Reading/Language Arts
Strand: Communication
Standard 2: Listening and Speaking LA.910.5.2.2 and 5.2.5
Strand: Information and Media Literacy
Standard 4: Technology LA.910.6.4.1 and 6.4.2