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Stereoview Gallery: Fort San Marcos II

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The watch tower

The watch tower with stairs

The outworks at Fort San Marcos

View of the interior wall

The exterior fort wall

Cannons, ammunitions, and ladies

The moat and drawbridge

Entrance to the lunette battery

The sea face with cannons ready for fire

Cannons on the northeast face

The dried up moat

The soldiers sleeping quarters

Stairway of the old Spanish fort

Showing the moat, drawbridge, and a small watch tower

View of the sea wall surrounding the fort

Southeast view

The dried moat and deteriorated drawbridge

The water battery

Visiting Fort San Marcos

A view of the now dry moat.

Looking out a door to the inside of the fort

Entrance to Fort San Marcos

A bird's-eye view of the interior with cannons and ammunitions

Fort San Marcos in the distance

Aerial view of the fort

Entrance to the Fort

North side of Fort San Marcos, also known as Fort Marion

Ruins of the old Spanish treasury and water battery


Home > Florida in 3D > Military History > Fort San Marcos II
Site Map

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