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Stereoview Gallery: Palms

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Palm trees and alligators

Palm, Fort Matanzas in the distance

A palm shaded avenue

Palm, Palatka

Date Palm, Mandarin, Florida

A palm tree in the jungle

Palmetto Forest, Florida

Two men standing the shade of palm trees

Rows and rows of palm trees

Palms in Enterprise

Scrub or saw palmetto

Sago palm

Scrub palmetto

Enjoying the shade of a palm

Cabbage Palm

Floral Bluffs near Jacksonville

Palms on the shore

Palms on the river

Looking up the palm tree


Tall palm in Palatka

A stand of lanky palm trees

Pretty palm trees


A young palm

Trunk of a palm

Coconut Avenue

Palm tree with coconuts

Lonely palm tree

Sapling palm in Enterprise

Palm by the water

Palms, short and tall

Small palm


Home > Florida in 3D > Environment > Palmettos
Site Map

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