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Boom Era

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"When do you think the boom will be over—when will be the right time to get out of Florida?" is the question asked by many friends of Edgar John Phillips, a successful Chicago attorney who is an extensive investor in Florida real estate.

Mr. Phillips undoubtedly is a staunch believer in the future of Florida, according to his answer to the many questions asked of him by friends. Recently, Mr. Phillips was widely quoted in many newspapers, his answer being quoted herewith:

"When the Northern business man becomes a perpetual-motion business machine and can stand the rush and roar of the city life twelve months a year without let-up or recreation; when the sun in the south gives at meridian height no longer its beauty and glory to the winter months and its beams come struggling through a murky atmosphere of smoke, fog and dirt; when the silver fades from your azure skies and the golden grandeur of your western panorama is no more; when your air loom the fragrance of the orange blossoms and honey-suckle and the bouquets of hibiscus, oleanders and bougainvilleas fade from the landscape; when the melody of the whippoorwill no longer breaks the silence at even tide, the mimicry of the mocking bird no longer filters through the moonlight and the cardinal no longer heralds the break of day; when your sovereign alchemist refuses to restore youth to the aged and happiness to the ailing; when the southern man loses his chivalry and hospitality and becomes obsessed with the greed of gain and resorts to unfair tactics in his dealings with his neighbors from the North; when America ceases to grow in population and wealth so that travel and recreation are no longer possible-when these things happen, then the Florida boom will be over and it will be a good time to get out.

"Until then, stay here, continue your program of rapid development to keep pace with your rapid growth, and you, and your children, and your children's children will continue to grow and prosper as Florida fulfils its destiny as the Nation's playground."

A glance at the portrait illustration of Mr. Phillips will convince one that he is not spoofing and that he "means what ' he says." He is of that young, virile, aggressive type of American business man found in Florida, developing and beautifying for those who seek recreation, health, life.

Mr. Phillips is alert to the considerable, propaganda being fostered by some of the northern newspapers. Recently, he addressed a communication to the editor of a leading Ohio newspaper, a portion of which is quoted here.

"Enclosed you will find my check for $5 to start a relief fund for the "starving" and "freezing" babies of Florida as was depicted in the article by Mr. Harold Keats in your yesterday's issue. If I am premature in this contribution, will you please credit the amount to your advertising department in appreciation of the direct benefit which I, as an extensive investor in Florida real estate, am receiving from your articles."

Edgar John Philips has selected beautiful Tarpon Springs as his playground and for his friends. He has completed one of Florida's most beautiful 18 hole golf courses and is erecting a modern and spacious club house. An outstanding feature of this golf course is that the player drives from well-placed tees many of which face the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful Anclote River.

Hewlett, T.W., Hansford, R.S., eds. "When Will the Florida Boom End?"
Suniland, Nov. 1925, Vol. 3, No. 2. Pg. 26


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