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The Traverse City (Mich.) Record Eagle gives some very sensible advice in the following extract from an article on Florida and the tendency, to deplore the movement of investors southward:

"At the same time Florida should be given credit for this big, salient fact: It is showing America adequately, for the first time, the value of land.

"The importance of real estate has never yet been fully recognized in this country. There has been so much land, and there is still so much that its worth has been minimized. But there is only so much land, and with the rapid growth of population the value of that limited commodity is bound to rise higher and higher. Moreover, the amount of land desirable because of fertility or location or climate is but a fraction of the whole.

"Desirable land is becoming a monopoly in an immensely rich country, destined to be immensely populous.

"People as they become settled in life and consider the precarious nature of many kinds of wealth acquire new respect for Mother Earth for other reasons, too. 'The land,' they say, 'will always be there.' And with the land, they realize, goes a certain status of respectability and solidity, in business and society, not acquirable otherwise. So they tend to buy land.

"Florida today is cashing in richly on this awakening appreciation, There is hardly a state or community in the country that may not benefit by the same psychology that sends investors to Florida, if citizens will realize the value of their own land and tell others about it."

The name of this magazine is being used on most everything nowadays. We even expect to hear of children being named Suniland. The latest use of the name is for a new Frisco train, dedicated recently at Kansas City as "The Sunnyland." It will run to Tampa and St. Petersburg.

We sincerely hope that every Florida reader of Suniland is planning to enter photos in our Camera Contest, which closes on November twenty-fifth. Participation in this contest can be both enjoyable and profitable.

If the citrus growers of Florida want profitable prices for their fruit, it is entirely up to them to see that Florida oranges and grapefruit are sufficiently and intelligently advertised to the millions of people in this country who are not eating enough citrus fruit by many million boxes. About this we will have more to say next month.

Excerpt from: Hewlett, T.W. & Hansford, R.S., eds. "A Beneficient Boom."
Suniland, Nov. 1925, Vol. 3, No. 2. Pg. 36


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