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Climate, Florida

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Florida's greatest single asset is climate. That no state in the Union has a finer winter climate than hers is generally conceded; but there still exists a wide misapprehension as to Florida's climatic conditions in summertime. Contrary to general opinion, Florida is not oppressively hot in summer. Warm days there are, of course, but those days are tempered invariably by cooling breezes from ocean and gulf. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Tampa, for instance, was 97.5°, while in the history of the weather bureau in Florida there has never been a recorded mortality from heat prostration. Florida's rainy season is in summer, which accounts, no doubt, for the absence of pronounced high temperatures. It is the notable absence of rain during what are known as the winter months that is accountable in large measure for Florida's outstanding position as a winter resort.

Excerpt from Agassiz, Garnault. "Florida in Tomorrow's Sun."
Suniland, Nov. 1925, Vol.3, No.2., Pgs. 37-45; 88-94; 113-133


Home > Floripedia > Climate, Florida
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