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Circa 1937

Not the least of the many contributions made to the Nation by the Deep South, is Florida Tidewater Red Cypress, the Wood Eternal. Well preserved stumps, discovered 30 or more feet underground and said to be as much as one hundred thousand years old, bear mute evidence to the antiquity of the Cypress race and the durability of the wood. Relics, made of cypress by prehistoric Indians and in an excellent state of preservation, testify to the early discovery of the wood's value to mankind. Today it ranks with the best of our commercial woods and is particularly prized for boats, tanks, vats and the like where constant exposure to liquids is necessary. It resists termites, ranks high on paint tests, is considered a first rate structural timber, and is unsurpassed for natural finished, inside paneling, for office, and dwellings,

Florida produces more cypress lumber than any southern State and very near as much as the total of all other States.

Excerpt from "Cypress—The Wood Eternal" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, Circa 1937, pg. 3.


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