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In the field of diversified farming Florida should also come greatly to the fore within the next decade. All told, Florida has 33,000,000 acres of land, and it is estimated that at least 20,000,000 acres of these can be brought under cultivation through drainage and the scientific determination of the character of their soil.

Drainage is one of the major problems of Florida, affecting not only her millions of acres of swamp and overflowed lands but her general terrain as well. It is conservatively estimated, indeed, that nine out of every ten failures among the farmers of Florida can be attributed to inefficient drainage, while conversely it can be stated with truth that synchronous drainage and irrigation, such as the sub-irrigation practised in Sanford and other trucking regions, has been found not only to guarantee a good crop but to increase the annual yield at least fifty per cent.

Excerpt from Agassiz, Garnault. "Florida in Tomorrow's Sun."
Suniland, Nov. 1925, Vol.3, No.2., Pgs. 37-45; 88-94; 113-133


Home > Floripedia > Drainage
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