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Fernandina, Florida

Florida: Empire of the Sun


Fernandina—Yachtsmen coming down the Inland Waterway through Cumberland Sound enter the Amelia River and pass Fernandina, located on the most magnificent natural harbor of the East Coast. During the war of 1812, it was the habitat of filibusters, pirates and slave traders, against whom the Spanish fort on the north end of Amelia Island was powerless.

Fort Clinch, a great fortress, built before the War Between the States, stands on the site of an old Spanish fort and Fernandina, a quaint old town on the west side of the island, is now the center of a thriving oyster industry. Fleets of picturesque fishing boats also bring in great quantities of large, delicious deep-sea shrimp. A chain of beautiful sea islands, where once were Spanish missions, then English forts, and later great cotton plantations, stretches along the coast southward to the mouth of the St. Johns River, where the little fishing village of Mayport is located. A monument to Jean Ribaut, in memory of the French settlement in this vicinity, stands just outside of the town.

Fort George Island, across the river from Mayport, is a favorite resort of yachtsmen and deep within its wooded wilderness may be found the interesting oyster shell ruins of an old plantation, now owned by the Fort George Club. A beautiful scenic golf course on the island is the property of the Ribaut Club, seasonal home of millionaire sportsmen.

Excerpt from "Florida: Empire of the Sun" Published by the Florida State Hotel Commission, Tallahassee, Florida. 1930.


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