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Circa 1937

Florida's forest future is a bright one. A long growing season, abundant moisture, and a variety of desired hardwood and softwood species give the State an enviable position among our neighbors. Sawmill operators, pulp men, turpentine operators, and landowners are abandoning the "cut-and-get-out" method of a few years back and are planting and protecting the woodlands for future use with the assistance of the Florida Forest and Park Service aided by Federal funds.

Florida's productive forest land totals 22 million acres, about 78 per cent being pine, 15 per cent hardwood, and 7 per cent cypress. About 13 million acres, or 60 per cent, is classed as second growth ranging in size from saplings to small saw logs.

The present timber stand is approximately 23 billion board feet as measured by the International rule; this takes into account pine and cypress having a diameter of 9 inches or larger at breast height, and hardwoods measuring 13 inches.

In terms of pulpwood, the volume is computed to be 116 million standard cords, trees over 5 inches in diameter in all pulping species being considered.

The Southern Forest Survey of 1934-35 revealed that 36 million longleaf or slash pine trees were being worked for turpentine, 56 million were resting or had been worked, and 700 million unworked trees ranging from one inch in diameter to turpentine size (9 inches) assure a future for the industry.

In 1934, Florida's forest resources were supporting 910 wood—using establishments and accounting for 7,230,000 man-days' employment. This figure is the equivalent of the full time employment of 36,000 people. Since 1934, the establishment of 4 new pulpmills has greatly increased the employment figure as well as the value of materials produced.

Value of Forest Products in Florida—1936

Kind of Product Quantity   Estimated Value
f.o.b. Loading Point
Lumber 938,000,000 board feet $21,396,000
Cross ties 3,246,000 pieces 1,947,000
Poles and piling 182,000 pieces 182,000
Pulpwood 300,000 cords 7,500,000
Turpentine and oils 303,265 barrels 3,897,661
Rosin 505,157 barrels 6,066,289
Veneer 129,900,000 board feet 4,683,750
Fence posts 2,814,200 posts 140,710
Cooperage 68,600 cords 857,500
Fuelwood 1,307,400 cords 2,614,800
Miscellaneous 54,200 cords 108,400

Excerpt from "Florida Forest Facts" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, Circa 1937, pg. 2.


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