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Livestock in Florida

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Circa 1935

Florida in 1934 shipped and killed locally and put on local markets 52,000 head of cattle or 24,700,000 pounds; also 31,000 head of calves, or 3,565,000 pounds of veal. Florida shipped 1,000 head of stocker and feeder or dairy cattle, or 650,000 pounds. Florida killed for farm slaughter and home use 10,000 head of cattle, or 4,750,000 pounds, and killed 8,000 calves, or 920,000 pounds.

Milk Inspection Division

The purpose of the dairy inspection as stated in the law is to give the people of Florida a safe milk supply. The law also provides that the Commissioner of Agriculture has the power to make and enforce rules and regulations to insure such a supply of milk.

The inspectors' work has been more educational than otherwise, and for the most part has met with full cooperation of the dairymen.

Instructions in the building of new barns, repairing old ones, methods of cleaning barns and all other equipment, keeping the cows clean and healthy and better methods of handling the milk have been some of the most common lines of work done.

Florida dairy standards were raised, inspection invited and milk from outside dairies not meeting our standards was stopped.

The law also provides that all milk sold must be plainly labeled as to the State where produced. So well has the clean-up work been carried on that it is safe to say no State has a supply of milk that is any better.

Since the inspection work began the herds of the State have greatly improved and increased in number. Thousands of gallons of fresh milk were shipped into the State before these regulations were adopted and at present no fresh milk is being imported.

Excerpt from "Florida Livestock" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, Circa 1935, pg. 17.


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