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Miami, Florida

Official Directory to the City of Miami and Nearby Towns



The city is well supplied with civic societies and has an excellent military company, composed of some of the best young men, and is known as the Miami Rifles. Co. L., of the Second Regiment, Florida State Troops.

The Tuxedo Club is the social club of the city. The members have elegantly furnished rooms, including dance hall, reading and smoking rooms, culinary department, billiard and pool tables, etc. Their rooms are located over the Red Cross Pharmacy. The present membership is about one hundred.

There are several of the leading fraternal organizations which have their meeting place in Knights of Pythias hall on 12th street.


The development and growth of educational matters in Dade County has been rapid and substantial. A few years past there were no schools in the county and today there are over thirty, with a competent corp of teachers. Miami has one of the best public schools in the state, under the management of Prof. W. W. Hall. The building is large and airy, and an excellent half tone illustration of it appears elsewhere in this work.


Miami boasts a splendid and efficient volunteer fire department, to which the city contributes towards its maintenance and support. The equipment consists of two hose reels and a large supply of hose, and this, with an abundant water supply, furnishes ample protection, and it would be a difficult matter for a fire to gain much headway.


No city in the state has finer paved streets than has the Magic City. The streets are broad and are paved with crushed rock, rolled smooth and hard, and they afford the cyclist unequaled facilities for wheeling. These paved streets connect with the many picturesque drives and equally well paved roads running out from the city for miles. Dade county has a wide reputation for good roads, and already one hundred and fifty miles of rock roads have been completed.


The city is supplied with an adequate supply of good pure artesian well water, which is piped through the principal streets and avenues. There is a fine sewerage system which was donated to the city by H.M. Flagler, and cost $15,000. The electric light supply is furnished by Florida East Coast Hotel Co.

Excerpt from "Miami" Official Directory to the City of Miami and Nearby Towns, 1904.


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