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Official Directory of Miami and Nearby Towns



Little River is quite an important point about six miles from Miami, and is among the largest shipping points in the county, for early vegetables. As there are three classes of soil here, it is peculiarly adapted to the various agricultural and horticultural pursuits. The lands are pine, prairie and hammock. There are several fine citrus groves set out here, and already make a splendid showing. Tomato growing has proved highly successful in the past and large profits have been realized. There are about five hundred acres under cultivation here in this vegetable, and the net profits average over $1 per crate. As this crop is raised and marketed in a few weeks, there are many interested in it.

The extensive nurseries of Soar Brothers are located just north of the town and prove an attractive sight to the visitor. They have nine acres in nursery stock, of which they have 50,000 budded citrus trees and as many not budded, and over 100,000 seed bed stock, six acres of orange and grape fruit and over 640 trees, and 125 tropical fruit trees; nine acres of their land is planted with tomatoes.

The Griffing Bros. have a large and promising citrus nursery here, also roses and other flowers in great variety. They started their nursery business here in 1900 as a branch of their extensive one at Macclenny.


Just north of the city limits of the city of Miami on the line of the East Coast railway, and about two miles from the terminal station, is this pretty village. It is regarded as a suburb of the city, and is reached by wheel or carriage over an excellent hard rockroad. There are numerous fine citrus groves in this vicinity, which are visited by nearly every tourist.


Lemon City is beyond Buena Vista and about four miles from Miami to the northward, and is quite a village, having several stores, churches, school, hotel and physician. The land about the town is high pine land adapted for citrus groves and vegetable growing.


About three miles south of Cocoanut Grove on the rockroad to Cutler is located this settlement. W. A. Larkin is postmaster and keeps a general store. In this vicinity are several nice groves with homes on them and a few vegetable farms.

Excerpt from "Nearby Towns" Official Directory of Miami and Nearby Towns, 1904.


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