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Souvenir of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Florida


As the gulf stream emerges from the gulf of Mexico through the Florida straits, it caroms and rains on the Bahaman Islands and is deflected on a course that brings it closer to the mainland at Palm Beach than at any other point. Currents of tropical air from the Caribbean Sea follow the current of ocean water. To these circumstances are due the unrivalled climate of Palm Beach, where the mild temperature in winter is more equable than anywhere else on the North American continent, and results in the vogue of the growing little city as the chief winter resort of America. The creation of this climatic condition is assisted by the fact that the island on which Palm Beach is situated projects further eastward than any other point on the lower Atlantic seaboard.

The practical immunity of Palm Beach from cold weather and the pleasing temperature of ocean water makes surf bathing one of the sports most generally indulged in. Pools in luxurious bathing casinos meet the requirements of all who do not choose to go into the surf.

There are three golf links on the Palm Beach island and one on the west side of Lake Worth, a beautiful body of water that separates Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, the county seat and chief city of Palm Beach county, Lake Worth is the harbor in which are moored yachts and other pleasure craft in which many of the tourists visit the resort. Entrance to Lake Worth from the ocean is had through an inlet of 12 feet deep. Another entrance to the lake is the channel of the coast line canal, known as the "inside route."

Boats of several types are available for use in excursions on the lake or on the ocean in pursuit of sailfish, tarpon, and other game fish.

Ocean Boulevard, which extends from the inlet five miles north of Palm Beach to Delray, 18 miles south, is one of the most magnificent motor roads in the United States. This road is being extended along the ocean front into Broward County. It is but one of several choices of roads on which splendid scenery is to be viewed. Another note-worthy motor road is Okeechobee Road, which penetrates the famous Everglades of Florida, now drained and bustling with agricultural activity, and continues to the west coast

A great variety of attractions and entertainments are provided for the multitude of tourists who visit Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, one of the chief being the Palm Beach Seminole Sun Dance, a winter festival in which thousands of persons take part in the pageants and spectacular dancing. Quiet and dignity, however, are the outstanding features of Palm Beach, the resort of persons of wealth, culture and social position.

The Hotel Royal Poinciana is the greatest of the several large Hotels at Palm Beach, and second only to it is the Breakers. The Everglades Club, with is own golf course, limits i[t]s accommodations to its members.

When other sections of the country are gripped in ice and snow, Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, is a tropical garden, a wonderland, a veritable paradise. Tropical vegetation in winter is the product of that rare combination of Gulf Stream and air currents from tropical seas, the temperature being varied only enough to avoid the monotony of everlasting perfection. In such a location and amid such scenes, even though Palm Beach and West Palm Beach do not flaunt themselves as health resorts, broken health is restored, spirits are revived, nerves brought back to strength and the happy visitor leaves with regrets or stays with pleasure.

Excerpt from "Palm Beach" Souvenir of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Florida, Undated. Published by Albert Gouionnaud, Main St., Palm Beach, Fla.


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