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Pensacola, Florida

M'Culloch's Universal Gazateer


Pensacola bay, Florida. Sets up from the Gulf of Mexico, and 11 m., from its mouth divides into three parts, called Escambia bay, Yellow Water bay, and East bay. This last is 7 m. long, and admits frigates of the largest class, and is entirely sheltered from all winds. Its entrance between fort Burancas, and the W. end of St. Rosa lsland; is about three fourths of a mile wide, and is well defended. The bar has 22 ft. of water at low tide, the harbour is completely land locked, and is the best on the Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola, city, port of entry, and capital of Escambia co., Florida 242 m. W. Tallahassee, 1080 W. Situated on a dry and sandy plain, 40 or 5O ft. above the level of the water, on Pensacola bay, 10 m. from its entrance into the Gulf of Mexico. It is regularly laid out with streets crossing each other at right angles. It has two public squares each 500 by 300 ft. and contains a courthouse, jail, two churches, a Roman Catholic and an Episcopal, a markethouse, a custom house, a public storehouse, and about 2000 inhabitants. A wharf extends 500 or 600 feet into the, bay. The United States navy yard is 8 m. from the city, and 5 from the entrance of the harbour, and covers 80 acres of ground enclosed by a high brick wall. It contains houses for the officers, and a naval store and other buildings, adapted to the wants of the establishment. The grounds are handsomely laid out. The tongue of the port in 1840, was 2022.

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