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Poultry Raising in Florida

Know Florida

Circa 1935

Some of the advantages offered poultry and egg producers or prospective poultry and egg producers are an even, equable climate, plenty of open sunshiny weather in which poultry can range in the open the year round. Rainfall is ample and rather evenly distributed throughout the year assuring poultrymen sufficient moisture to produce green feed almost at will. Besides these advantages, there is a good home market, as Florida imports quite a large volume of eggs and poultry meat. The prices received for nearby produced eggs and poultry are good.

Poultry keepers are divided into two well defined groups: the small flock owner and the commercial egg producer. The first class are the general farmer and the trucker or vegetable grower who keep a number of chickens for home use with perhaps a few extra for pin money; while the latter class or commercial producer keeps chickens exclusively as a means of making a living.

Florida Poultry Statistics

Number of farms keeping poultry 43,000
Number of chickens raised 3,421,000
Value of chickens raised $3,463,000
Dozens of eggs produced 20,000,000
Value of eggs produced $4,831,000

Excerpt from "Poultry Raising in Florida" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Florida, Tallahassee, Circa 1935, pg. 16.


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