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Pulp and Paper Industry

Know Florida

Circa 1937

The recent movement of the pulp and paper industry into the South has brought a new and profitable industry to Florida. The five mills already located in the state represent an investment of $34,000,000 and an annual payroll of more than $2,000,000. A daily production of 2,000 tons of pulp calls for 2,125 units of pulping wood daily or 660,000 units annually. Approximately a million acres of land would be required full time to supply this need. Actually, the pulpwood industry is able to use trees that are crooked or straight stemmed, fast-growing or slow-growing, limby or cleanboled, thrifty or stunted, thereby utilizing a considerable portion of otherwise wasted wood and meeting a portion of its requirements incidental to the production of other forest crops.

In addition to the mills located at Panama City, Port St. Joe, Jacksonville and Fernandina, there are mills located at Mobile, Alabama and Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia, within a hauling distance of the Florida line, and offering a market for Florida's wood.

Excerpt from "Florida's Pulp and Paper Industry" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, Circa 1937, pg. 5.


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