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Recreation in Florida

Know Florida

Circa 1935

Florida—within whose broad reaches lies the Nation's "Last Frontier"—truly is the sportsman's paradise. With its 2,000 miles of sea coast, thousands of lakes and rivers and huge expanse of woodlands, Florida gives to the lover of the great outdoors that bit of true Nature long ago gone from other sections. Here is the home of the last of the fast vanishing American, for only here may he find the lure, the love, the peace of Nature as his ancestors knew it when all the country was one great unconquered frontier. Florida of today, through its program of conservation, presents in woods and streams the same Florida of centuries ago. It truly is the sportsman's paradise—and it beckons you come!


Sports in Florida vigorously exemplify the versatile outdoor recreational facilities that long have made this the "nation's playground." Within easy reach may be found innumerable splendid and well-kept golf courses, over which, throughout the year'round season, are played amateur and professional matches of local and national prom Both the beginner and the champion have found new thrills along the fairways of the 200 more prominent courses in the State. Practically all of these are located either adjacent to or within a few minutes' drive of your favorite site or vacation home.

On every hand here one finds in season those scenes in the lives of every sportsman which in later years brings memories of happiness and outdoor experiences long to be cherished. The old camp by the lake; a tense moment before the felling of a deer; "grunting" for worms which soon are to be the bait for a string of fish actually caught; days spent out in the open, along the trail or stream; nights around the campfire...these are but a few. The accessibility to these and many other open-air pastimes and pleasures has long been considered one of the most enjoyable and happly features of a well-planned hunting or fishing trip in most any section of Florida.

Florida's sports are far from being confined to those enjoyed along its beaches or streams. Many prefer the creation of their own particular type of recreation—and what a rare opportunity for such Florida holds! Well planned programs find the day well filled with outdoor entertainment. Annual trap shoots, daily contests in the hundreds of milder forms of out-in-the-open contests, horseback riding, afternoon parties on beautiful tropical lawns... all these and more, too, await you under kindly, colorful skies, either day or night. Yes, you, too, may enjoy life anew in Florida—the land of sunshine, flowers, nature—happiness.


St. Augustine, oldest town in the United States, and its old fort—the oldest house. Original slave market in perfect preservation.

Old Spanish forts at Pensacola and government hydroplane and aviation station.

At Apalachicola, the home of Dr. John Gorrie, inventor of artificial ice and monument to his memory.

Silver Springs, near Ocala, one of the largest springs in America.

Wakulla Springs, near Tallahassee.

World famous beaches—orange groves—lakes and hills in central Florida.

The Singing Tower or Carillon at Mountain Lake Park, Lake Wales.

Largest sponge market in world at Tarpon Springs.

Largest cigar factories in America at Tampa.

Then a motor trip down West Coast over the new Tamiami Trail via Ft. Myers through the Everglades to Miami—to Key West along the Overseas Highway 80 miles to sea.

Excerpt from "Recreation in Florida" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Circa 1935, pg. 28.


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