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Sanford: State Market

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Circa 1935

The following is from the Report of the First Season's Operations of the Sanford Warehouse

"Through the cooperation of the Florida State Agricultural Marketing Board, the City of Sanford, and Seminole County, the first State Market was built in Sanford during the latter part of 1934. It was dedicated on December 18th and opened for business on January 15th, 1935.

"The grounds on which the market is located cover twenty acres. The market platform is 618 feet long and 50 feet wide. Telephone and telegraph services are maintained in the building. A restaurant, ice house, crate material warehouse, and gasoline filling station are located on the premises. Federal and State market quotations are received daily through the cooperation of the State Marketing Board. and market bulletins covering commodity prices on the market are issued daily the cooperation of the Federal-State Market News Service. Federal and State vegetable and citrus inspectors are located in the building and are available at all times. A railroad siding enters the property where mixed cars can be loaded when and by whom desired. A small rental is charged the seller and there is no fee charged the buyer. The selling platform is divided into one hundred and eight separate stalls or booths.

"On June 30th, just twenty-four weeks after the market opened, cash sales from the market platform had reached a total of $518,625.00."

Excerpt from "State Market at Sanford" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Circa 1935, pg. 3.


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