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State Chemist

Know Florida

Circa 1935

Summary of Analytical Report of the State Chemist for the Calendar Year 1934
The following analyses were made during the year:

Official samples, Fertilizers 2,113
Special samples, fertilizers (sent in by citizens) 123
Official samples, feed stuffs 335
Special samples, feed stuffs 146
Official samples, foods and drugs 397
Special samples, foods and drugs (sent in by citizens) 28
Official gasoline 4,188
Main Laboratory 1,215
Field Laboratory 2,973
Special gasoline 25
Official kerosene 170
Special kerosene 6
Miscellaneous gasoline and kerosene samples 13
Miscellaneous samples (sent in by citizens and samples for geological survey) 151
Total number analyses 7,695

The 1,741 samples of complete fertilizer drawn by the State chemists and inspectors, analyzed under Chapter 14510, Acts of 1929, represent 752 brands from 55 manufacturers.

Ninety-two samples of complete fertilizers showed a deficiency in one or more elements of plant food out of a total of 1,741 samples analyzed, or considerably less than six per cent. This shows excellent chemical control on the part of the fertilizer manufacturers.

0f the 335 complete commercial feed samples, 90 were deficient in one or more of the guaranteed constituents. Twenty-nine samples were deficient in protein. Sixteen samples were deficient in fat. Fifty-seven samples were deficient in nitrogen-free extract (of this number, eighteen were deficient by reason of the fact that protein and fat exceeded the guaranteed analyses). Twenty-nine samples were excessive in fiber.

Excerpt from "State Chemist" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Tallahassee, Circa 1935, pg. 10.


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