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Know Florida

Circa 1935


Florida's faith in herself is exemplified in the extensive construction of hard-surfaced highways which contribute materially to the relief of her transportation problem.

Mileage of hard-surfaced roads 8,631
Expended for roads, 1915–'29
by State Highway Department


Although water competition is potentially within seventy-two miles of any point, Florida's railways have continued to spend liberally because they believe that the development of the State will proceed steadily.

Mileage of railways is 8,220.63
Tonnage hauled by railroads in Florida is 18,033,986


Convenient to every section of the State is at least one of Florida's six major ports, which are fast increasing their tonnage to and from the ports of the world.

The six-port total of Florida's commerce, foreign and domestic, in 1934 is given below:

Port Short Tons Value
Fernandina 172,829 $1,513,161
Pensacola 658,109 19,444,353
Jacksonville 3,073,352 135,125,414
Tampa 3,220,911 63,275,825
Miami 908,486 39,667,740
Key West 122,811 7,951,746

Excerpt from "Transportation" Know Florida, Issued by the State Department of Agriculture, Circa 1935, pg. 26.


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