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Vacationing in Florida

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Either from force of habit, or the desire to mingle with the fashionables of Europe, or from some other cause unexplainable, many of our people make certain parts of Europe their choice of watering places in which to avoid the rough winter weather of our northern climate. Where they seeking a place merely for health, comfort and convenience, they would not leave our continent, for on the eastern coast of Florida are found all of these and other luxuries not obtainable elsewhere. Very Soon, however, our own people, as well is those of Europe, will be influenced by the many advantages of this ideal watering place. Easily accessible from New York, and more readily reached from that point than is the Mediterranean from London or Paris. It is equally convenient to travel from Chicago and other of our western cities.

At all of the resorts along the eastern coast of Florida one will find cottages, homes and hotels with appointments, service and food unexcelled elsewhere. Throughout this coast resort, bathing, boating, fishing and automobiling are excellent. The beach makes a superb driveway and speedway for bicycle riders, carriage drives and automobiling. International Automobile Races are now held along the Daytona Beach. A glance at the views shown herein gives one only a faint impression of the beauties of this fashionable southern resort.

Excerpt from the postcard folder "Florida: The Famous Winter Resort of America." Copyright 1906 by Chas. Ashton, Niagara Falls, N.Y.


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