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Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

The Anne Frank Story. Students create timelines of Anne Frank's life and history.

Human Nature. Students discuss a list of questions related to human nature.

ACTIVITY Map Studies. An interdisciplinary unit for middle school.

News Watch. Students track prejudice and human rights issues in current newspapers or on the Web.

People are People. Students compare groups that have been treated with prejudice.

Liberation and Return to Life. This activity is designed to familiarize students with survivors and their lives after liberation.

Survivor Interview. Students listen to stories from Holocaust survivors.

Lesson Plans on Other Sites

WebLink This study guide with activities was created by Gary Grobman for the PBS production The Trial of Adolf Eichmann.

WebLink The Aftermath from Gary M. Grobman's "The Holocaust--A Guide for Teachers."

Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education

The following materials from the State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education, Grades 9-12 will enrich your class's study of this topic. This manual was distributed to all Florida high schools in the spring of 1999 and should be available in your school resource center.

Vocabulary Unit 9pages 6-8
Unit 10 page 5
Content Overview Unit 9 pages 9-27
Unit 10 pages 6-9
Suggested Activities Unit 9 pages 28-29
Unit 10 pages 10-12
Correlation to Sunshine State Standards Unit 9 page 30
Unit 10pages 13-14
Activities Unit 9 pages 33-66
Unit 10 pages 17-111
Photographs Unit 9 page 69
Testimonies Unit 9pages 73-90

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