Study this photograph (taken in 1946) in order to answer the following question.

Choose the best possible answer for each of the following questions.
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1. What type of camp is shown in the photograph?
A Hitler Youth camp
A DP camp
An SA camp
A concentration camp

2. The Nuremberg Trials were historically important because

Hitler was convicted of war crimes.
Nazi war criminals were tried before an international tribunal.
NATO was formed.
the Warsaw Pact was initiated.


3. Restitution efforts for the Holocaust
ended shortly after the war.
were never authorized.
continue to this day.
started years after the war had ended.

4. With regard to responsibility for actions, the International War Crimes Tribunal concluded that soldiers acting under orders are not at all responsible for their individual actions.


5. Adolph Eichmann, who was responsible for the implementation of the Final Solution, was captured and tried by the International War Crimes Tribunal immediately after the war.


6. When the war was over, German citizens who lived near concentration camps during the war were
tried by the Military Tribunal and sent to prison.
told to move to another country.
shot by allied troops.
led on mandatory tours of the camps, and forced to gather and bury bodies.


Review the Aftermath sub-section of Timeline.

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