The Camps

Read the following excerpt from a Nazi document:

     Approximately 11 million Jews will be involved in the final
solution of the European Jewish question, distributed as follows
among the individual countries:

     Country                                         Number

A.   Germany proper                                 131,800
     Austria                                         43,700
     Eastern territories                            420,000
     General Government                           2,284,000
     Bialystok                                      400,000
     Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia                74,200
     Estonia                               - free of Jews -
     Latvia                                           3,500
     Lithuania                                       34,000
     Belgium                                         43,000
     Denmark                                          5,600
     France /  occupied territory                   165,000
               unoccupied territory                 700,000
     Greece                                          69,600
     Netherlands                                    160,800
     Norway                                           1,300

B.   Bulgaria                                        48,000
     England                                        330,000
     Finland                                          2,300
     Ireland                                          4,000
     Italy including Sardinia                        58,000
          Albania                                       200
     Croatia                                         40,000
     Portugal                                         3,000
     Rumania including Bessarabia                   342,000
     Sweden                                           8,000
     Switzerland                                     18,000
     Serbia                                          10,000
     Slovakia                                        88,000
     Spain                                            6,000
     Turkey (European portion)                       55,500
     Hungary                                        742,800
     USSR                                         5,000,000
          Ukraine                                 2,994,684
          White Russia
          excluding Bialystok                       446,484

                              Total     over     11,000,000


1. From what document was the above excerpt taken? Choose the best possible answer and then click submit to check your answer.
The Einsatzgruppen Report
The Nacht und Nebel Order
Minutes of the Wannsee Conference
Mein Kampf


2. People murdered because of Nazi doctrine included
German-born Jews
Polish people
National Socialists

Please check the best possible answer.
To check your answers, click the submit button.


3. The Nazi answer to the "Jewish question in Europe" reached atWannsee in 1942 was called
Mein Kampf.
The New World Order.
The Final Solution.
The Night and Fog Order.


4. The killing factories created to annihilate European Jewry were called
detention centers.
prisoner of war camps.
death camps.


5. Roughly what percent of the Jewish population died as a result of the Holocaust?


6. How old were the majority of Holocaust victims?
less than 18 years of age
between 18 and 25 years of age
more than 50 years of age
all ages


7. Those people sent to the six Nazi death camps
went through a selection process.
were mostly killed upon arrival.
were allowed to live as long as they could work.
were executed only when trying to escape.

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