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Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

ACTIVITY Anne Frank (1). Students create timelines of Anne Frank's life and history.

ACTIVITY Anne Frank (2). Ideas for research and discussion on Anne Frank's Diary

ACTIVITY Bioethics of Eugenics. Students consider and discuss the ethical aspects of Nazi racial ideology, including sterilization, marriage prohibitions, and euthanasia

David Olère. Students analyze the artworks of David Olère and compare them to Holocaust photographs on the site.

ACTIVITY Map Studies. An interdisciplinary unit for middle school.

ACTIVITY Research Jansuz Korczak. Research children in the ghetto and discuss why Jansuz Korczak gave his life to march to his death with the children.

Lesson Plans on Other Sites

WebLink The "Final Solution" from Gary M. Grobman's "The Holocaust--A Guide for Teachers."

Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education

The following materials from the State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education, Grades 9-12 will enrich your class's study of this topic. This manual was distributed to all Florida high schools in the spring of 1999 and should be available in your school resource center.

Vocabulary Unit 6 pages 6-8
Content Overview Unit 6pages 9-23
Suggested Activities Unit 6page 24
Correlation to Sunshine State StandardsUnit 6pages 25-26
Activities Unit 6 pages 29-81
Photographs Unit 6 pages 85-89
Testimonies Unit 6 pages 93-116

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