The Ghettos


1. Click on the pictures you think were taken in a Nazi ghetto for Jewish people.






















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2. Jewish ghettos were created by the Nazi regime in order to allow Jews to create separate but equal communities of their own.


3. The Terezín ghetto was a model ghetto used to fool outsiders as to the true conditions in concentration camps.

True False


4. Where were the largest ghettos created?

Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

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5. Why did the Nazis require Jews to wear the Star of David?
They wanted to identify those who were exempt from military service.
They wanted to restrict the movements of Jews.
They wanted to segregate Jews from the rest of society.
They wanted to facilitate the transport of Jews to concentration camps.


6. Which statements are true?
The ghettos were established to permanently house the Jews.
The ghettos were established to provide collection points for Jews.
The ghettos were liquidated by the Nazis.
The ghettos were liberated by the allies.

Review the Ghettos sub-section of Timeline.

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