The Nazification of Germany


Read the following excerpt from a memo sent to German State Police Offices in 1938:

a) Only such measures may be taken which do not jeopardize German life or property (for instance, burning of synagogues only if there is no danger of fires for the neighborhoods).

b) Business establishments and homes of Jews may be destroyed but not looted. The police have been instructed to supervise the execution of these directives and to arrest looters.

c) In business streets special care is to be taken that non-Jewish establishments will be safeguarded at all cost against damage.


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1. What event is being planned in the memo above?

Enabling Act
Night of the Long Knives
Boycott of Jewish shops
Reichstag burning

Study the following photo taken on April 1, 1933.


2. What event is recorded in this photograph?
Enabling Act
Night of the Long Knives
Boycott of Jewish shops


3. In 1933, Hitler was officially appointed as
Head of the Bavarian separatists.
Chancellor of Germany.
Prime Minister.
Reich Bürger.


4. The systematizing and regulating of discrimination of Jews in early Nazi Germany was made possible through the
Nuremberg Laws.
Emergency decree of 1933.
Final solution.
Wannsee Conference proceedings.


5. When did the Nazi party officially come into power in Germany?


6. No significant resistance was encountered in 1938 when Hitler annexed


7. Kristallnacht is
A Nazi pogrom against German Jewry.
The Nazi style of warfare.
The Final Solution.
Review the Nazification of Germany sub-section of Timeline.

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