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Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

ACTIVITY All Men Are Created Equal. Students begin with a quotation from Lincoln and explore the theme of equality by reading news articles and by making a multimedia presentation.

ACTIVITY Beginning Holocaust Studies.

ACTIVITY Eleventh Grade Social Studies Unit.

ACTIVITY Epidemic, Plague and Infection. Students recognize disease vectors (pathways) and risk factors for infectious disease

ACTIVITY Human Nature. Students discuss a list of questions related to human nature.

Prejudice Discussion. Students discuss questions related to prejudice.

ACTIVITY The Rise of Anti-Semitism. Students explore the evolution of anti-Semitism.

Lesson Plans on Other Sites

This study guide with activities was created for the PBS production The Trial of Adolf Eichmann.

Teaching material prepared by Dr. Hornshøj-Møller for the Nazi propaganda film, Der ewige Jude. This includes a single-page (double-sided) handout for students to take home the day before seeing the film, a pre-questionnaire, a post-questionnaire, and more. (In German only.)

WebLink A lesson on Adolf Hitler from Gary M. Grobman's "The Holocaust--A Guide for Teachers."

Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education

The following materials from the State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education, Grades 9-12 will enrich your class's study of this topic. This manual was distributed to all Florida high schools in the spring of 1999 and should be available in your school resource center.

Vocabulary Unit 1 pages 6-9
VocabularyUnit 2 pages 5-6
Content Overview Unit 2 pages 7-14
Canonical and Nazi Anti-Jewish Measures Unit 2 pages 27-28
VocabularyUnit 3pages 5-7
Content Overview Unit 3 pages 8-11
Nazi Education Unit 3 pages 50-55
Content Overview Unit 6 pages 9-10
SonderkommandosUnit 6 page 18
Nazi LeadershipUnit 6 pages 45-49
Nazi Language Unit 6 pages 51-53
A Perpetrator's Testimony Unit 9 pages 59-60

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