• Locate information on resistance that took place in the Jewish ghettos. Resistance took place in many different forms, explain and give examples.

  • Read about the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Identify one outstanding hero of this event.

  • Identify examples of individual and group resistance to Nazi repression and killing.

  • What emotional, mental, intellectual, financial, physical, and social resources did Jews and others persecuted by Nazis need to survive the Holocaust?

  • Research the White Rose Resistance.

  • Identify three to five resisters and describe how each contributed to the resistance.

    a) What chances did they take?

    b) What would have happened to them and their families if they had been caught?

    c) What resources did they have that helped them succeed?

  • Identify the risks of helping or even being associated with someone considered "undesirable" by Nazi policy.

  • Identify and discuss anti-fascist partisans in the Second World War.

    a) What did they fight for?

    b) Who did they fight against?

    c) Were they a professional army?

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