Jewish Victims of the Holocaust


This article provides important background material.


Statements of Nazi leaders regarding the destruction of European Jewry are found in this document.

These are the minutes of the 1942 Wannsee Conference, which outlined the plans to annihilate over eleven million European Jews.

Nazi documents reporting the execution of Jews are accessible here.

These are Nazi documents concerning the planned sterilization of Jewish workers.

This is Robert Jackson's summary of Nazi crimes against the Jews, from the transcripts of the Nuremberg Trials.

Other Resources

"After Seventy Years: Anne Frank (1929-1945)," an article by Dr. Joyce Apsel Director of Education, Anne Frank Center USA.

An extensive Anne Frank bibliography prepared by Dr. Joyce Apsel Director of Education, Anne Frank Center USA.

"In the Nazis' Words," a collection of statements by Nazi leaders regarding the destruction of the Jewish race. In German with English translation.

In the 1930s, Roman Vishniac documented Jewish life and culture in thousands of photographs, 16 of which are presented on this site.

This essay discusses Jewish women as double victims in a misogynist, racist society.

This site about Anne Frank includes a photo scrapbook of her life and family and information about her famous diary.

Individual photos and biographies of many children, most of whom did not survive the Holocaust, are accessible here.

This site offers background information about Jewish history and customs.

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