One of the principal reasons for the success of our immigration to the U.S.A. is the fact that we stayed together and planned together. If we were separated through circumstances we tried hard to get together again. As one family we could help each other, because each of us had different talents. We all went through many instances when one or the other was ready to throw in the towel and the rest of the family had to come to the rescue. The master planners were our Parents, Simon and Gertrude Lenkway. Without them our journey would have been much more difficult. The other important detail was, that we had some money available to live on, which helped a lot. You see, we had to succeed on the first try, we rarely had the chance or the time to try a second time.

Thank you for listening. Kurt Lenkway

I finished my story Sunday, the 6th of January, 1991. It took better than twelve months to write it. You will have several maps, showing where the events took place. Other copies of documents to explain better some of the details, will be added. K.L.

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