Rosenstraße Women's Protest

Fisheye view of the memorial ensemble, "Block der Frauen," built by the East German sculptor, Ingeborg Hunzinger in the mid eighties and erected in 1995. It represents the Rosentstraße women's protest against the Nazi "Factory Operation" in which 1500-2500 Jewish men and boys were gathered by national socialists. These men were originally spared from transport to death camps and sent to forced labor mostly in arms factories due to the fact that they had non-Jewish mothers and wives. The "Factory Operation" was begun to clear the factories of Jews and send them to gathering points to be deported to death camps. When the non-Jewish wives and mothers heard about this, they took to the streets and risked being shot by the SS in order to protest. After 6 days, Goebbels set those men held at Rosentstraße free.
Photo credit: Florida Center for Instructional Technology

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