Photos: Buchenwald

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Registration of prisoners upon arrival at Buchenwald concentration camp.
Still in their civilian clothes, newly arrived prisoners, among whom is a clergyman, stand at roll call in Buchenwald concentration camp.
Jews from Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands stand for roll call in the Buchenwald concentration camp soon after their arrival on February 28, 1941.
Prisoners from Buchenwald awaiting execution in the forest near the camp.
Bones of anti-Nazi German women are visible in the crematoria in the concentration camp at Weimar, Germany, April 14, 1945.
Crematoria ovens in Buchenwald concentration camp.
A crate full of rings confiscated from prisoners in Buchenwald and found by American troops in a cave adjoining Buchenwald.
An American soldier sorts through crates of silverware taken from prisoners in Buchenwald. The crates were hidden in a nearby cave along with other boxes of confiscated belongings.
American soldiers with a stockpile of German arms and ammunition at the gate to Buchenwald. The ammunition was part of a cache of arms taken from SS guards. Survivors in the background are being transported to a DP camp, where they will be segregated according to nationality, and await repatriation.

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