Photos: Liberation, I

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Allied troops entered Europe through Sicily and Salerno, Italy, in 1943, and through Marseilles and Normandy, France, in 1944, and marched toward Germany. The American infantrymen shown here were traversing woods riddled with mine fields.
Members of the American "Rainbow" infantry division cautiously enter a German town, in search of the enemy.
Having progressed into German territory, American infantrymen inspect propaganda pamphlets and other Nazi items.
During the trek across Germany, American soldiers pause in the city of Dahn to observe Passover. This may have been the first Passover service openly held since the Nazis came into power.
View of the abandoned train in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, that was on the way to Germany loaded with the personal effects of Auschwitz victims. Some of the freight lies scattered and partially buried in the snow outside the train in February 1945.
American soldiers hold memorial services in the bombed out town of Schweinfurt upon receiving news of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt on April 13, 1945.
Soviet troops liberate the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp on January 27, 1945.
Inmates waving a home-made American flag greet U.S. Seventh Army troops upon their arrival at the Allach concentration camp on April 30, 1945.
Dachau inmates are ecstatic upon their liberation by the American soldiers in late April 1945. About 30,000 men, women, and children were freed.
Alongside the concentration camp, 50 box cars sat with over 1500 prisoners who were shipped by train without food from Buchenwald to Dachau. American soldiers find one lone and thankful survivor in a train on the siding outside the Dachau concentration camp. All of the others had perished.
As inmates and liberators met, some prisoners requested the names and addresses of the soldiers who freed them.
Survivors greet American liberators at Dachau concentration camp, April 29, 1945.
Young and old survivors in Dachau cheer approaching U.S. troops, April 29, 1945.
Young survivors behind a barbed wire fence in Buchenwald concentration camp, April 11, 1945.
Surviving women and children at Mauthausen speak to an American liberator through a barbed wire fence, May 5-7, 1945.
Former inmates of Ebensee, freed by U.S. Third Army troops, leave the infamous camp under the sign "We Welcome Our Liberators."
Survivors in Allach, a sub-camp of Dachau, greet arriving U.S. troops.
A large crowd of survivors congregates in the former roll call area of the Ebensee concentration camp.
Allied POWs, imprisoned in a camp near Hammelburg, cheer as an American tank crashes through the barbed wire enclosure of the prison camp.
Polish prisoners in Dachau toast their liberation from the camp.
Allied prisoners in the Hammelburg POW camp greet their American liberators, who are from the 14th Armored Division.
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