Photos: Liberation, II

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American soldiers stand at the gates of the Dachau concentration camp after its liberation.
Slave laborers in Buchenwald are liberated by the American Army in April, 1945. They survived in spite of miserable conditions: overcrowding, lack of food, hard labor, and psychological torture. Elie Wiesel appears as the last full face on the second bunk from the bottom.
Survivors eagerly pull down the Nazi eagle from over the entrance to the Mauthausen concentration camp, May 6, 1945.
In the women's camp at Mauthausen, survivors line up for soup, May 12, 1945.
Survivors in a crowded Dachau barrack.
Survivors in Dachau distribute bread to their comrades after liberation.
Emaciated Jewish survivors, who had been confined to the infirmary barracks at Ebensee, are gathered outside on May 7, 1945, the day after liberation.
Sick survivors are evacuated from the Woebbelin concentration camp where they will receive medical attention, May 4, 1945.
American chaplain Rabbi Hershel Schacter conducts Shavuot services for Buchenwald survivors on May 18, 1945, shortly after liberation.
Three Ebensee survivors, too weak to eat solid food, suck on sugar cubes to give them strength, May 8, 1945.
A group of survivors in Buchenwald at liberation. The man in the middle has lifted his trouser legs to show the effects of malnutrition to the photographer, April 11, 1945.
Survivors in barracks in Mauthausen, May 5-7, 1945. Note the tattoo on the chest of the man in the left foreground.
An Austrian-Jewish survivor, who had been arrested by the Nazis in Holland, points out mass graves to U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General Omar Bradley, during their inspection of the camp.
General Dwight D. Eisenhower listens as survivors tell him of atrocities committed by the SS in the Ohrdruf concentration camp, one of the Buchenwald sub-camps.
General Dwight D. Eisenhower with other Army members view the bodies of executed prisoners while on a tour of Ohrdruf concentration camp on April 12, 1945.
Women survivors in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp peeling potatoes on April 28, 1945.
Inmates receive a truckload of bread from the United States Army after liberation.
A United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration worker is calling off names as this six year-old orphan waits for his name. He is in a group of 350 orphans scheduled for departure to Switzerland. The children, five to eighteen years old, are all orphans of the war. Some of them have been at the Buchenwald camp for as long as six years.
Five Jewish survivors pose for a U.S. Signal Corps photographer in front of Block 2 in the Hannover-Ahlem concentration camp, a sub-camp of Neuengamme. The man second from left is Sam Gottesman, now a resident of Pittsburgh, PA in the United States.
American medical personnel at work in a typhus ward in a hospital for survivors.
Survivors of Bergen-Belsen walk along the main street of the camp, past a pile of victims' shoes.
Survivors in hospital barracks 2 (for Jews) after liberation. The young man second from the right in the front row is 16 year-old George Havas.
Survivors in a barracks in Bergen-Belsen at liberation. Bergen-Belsen, near Hanover in northwest Germany, was established in March 1943, as a special camp for prominent Jews of belligerent and neutral states, who might be exchanged for German citizens interned abroad.
Survivors mill around the former roll call area in the Ebensee concentration camp. The snow-capped peaks of the Alps Mountains loom in the distance.
Women survivors suffering from Typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
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