Photos: Mauthausen

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The gate at Mauthausen.
A Soviet honor guard stands before the "todesstiege" (The Stairs of Death) in the Mauthausen concentration camp.
In the women's camp at Mauthausen, survivors queue up for soup.
In the women's camp at Mauthausen, survivors stand around the entrance to a barracks.
Survivors in the "Russian Camp" section of Mauthausen.
Cheering survivors greet American troops as they enter the Mauthausen concentration camp a day after the actual liberation. According to P. Serge Choumoff, an historian and survivor of Mauthausen, this event was a recreation of the liberation done at the request of General Eisenhower.
Mauthausen survivors cheer the soldiers of the Eleventh Armored Division of the U.S. Third Army one day after their actual liberation.
Survivors eagerly pull down the Nazi eagle over entrance to the Mauthausen concentration camp.
Survivors in Mauthausen open one of the crematoria ovens for American troops who are inspecting the camp.

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