Photos: Birth of Israel

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A group of Jewish children waving goodbye to friends in Buchenwald DP camp. They have been recently released and are on their way to France, from where some will go to Palestine.
Jewish DPs at the Zeilsheim displaced persons' camp hold a rally to promote free immigration to Palestine.
DPs at Zeilsheim camp demonstrate for free immigration to Palestine.
DPs listen to a speech at a demonstration against the forced return of the Exodus refugee ship to Europe.
This is a view of one of the winter camps at Dekalia, Cyprus. Some Jewish refugees tried to illegally emigrate to Palestine. Those who were caught were sent to camps on Cyprus.
View of a row of Nissen huts at a youth village for Jewish detainees on Cyprus.
A view of one of the summer camps at Kraolos, Cyprus.
These Jewish children are on their way to Palestine after having been released from Buchenwald concentration camp. The girl on the left is from Poland, the boy in the center is from Latvia, and the girl on the right is from Hungary.
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