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Partisans near the Parczewskie Forest, Poland, in 1943.
This Jewish partisan group of men and women fought in the vicinity of Vilna, Poland.
A small group of partisans in the forests of Lublin, Poland, about 100 miles southwest of Warsaw, display their weapons.
This group of partisans operated in the Naliboki forest (Baranowicze region) of Poland.
In the woods of the Ukraine, in 1943, partisans receive a transmission from the Soviet Information Bureau.
Group portrait of members of Igrun Brit Sion (ABZ) in the Kovno ghetto, 1943. Zalman Kravitz (left) was killed by the Germans in the ghetto. Shalom Yadkowsky (right) died in Dachau. Bobi Blumberg (sitting) survived.
A pre-war portrait of Ala Gertner who was one of the participants in the Sonderkommando uprising in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Ala coordinated the effort to steal gunpowder which was passed along to resistance members of the Sonderkommando. The resistance succeeded in destroying Crematorium IV on October 7, 1944. Ala and the three other women who assisted her were tortured and hanged.
A group portrait of participants in the uprising at the Sobibór Death Camp.
A portrait of Dr. Janusz Korzak, about 1930.
Mugshot of Elsbeth Zedner, social worker, arrested when caught distributing anti-German leaflets. Arrived in Ravensbrück Nov. 1941.
Group portrait of members of the Jewish partisan unit commanded by Yehiel Grynszpan in the Parczew Forest. Standing left to right, are Dudkin Rubinstein, Jurek Pomeranc, Lonka Pfefferkorn, Lova ?, and Yehiel Grynszpan. Kneeling at the right is Pacan Rubinstein.

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