Photos: Roma and Sinti Memorials

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Munich. "In memory of the murdered Sinti and Roma in Munich from 1933-1945. They were victims of the National Socialist genocide in Auschwitz and the other extermination camps."
Ravensbrück. Memorial room located in former prison.
Ravensbrück. Detail of memorial room panel. "We the people of the Sinti and Roma remember with reverence and sorrow our mothers, wives and children who were murdered by the SS in the concentration camp of Ravensbrück. We also remember all those of our people who fell victim to the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis throughout the area under the rule of National Socialism."
Ravensbrück. Memorial plaque located in rose garden by the wall of nations. "In memory of the Sinti and Roma victims of the Nazi genocide."
Amsterdam. Heleen Levano's Gypsy Monument--Memorial of War is located on Museum Plein.
Plaque near the Mittelbau-Dora crematorium "in commemoration of the Sinti and Roma who fell victim to genocide between 1933 and 1945."
Mauthausen. The Roma and Sinti memorial includes a rail leading to the edge of the infamous quarry.
Mauthausen. Along the rail are the names of the camps that Roma and Sinti were sent to.
Mauthausen. A small figure is embedded in the rock memorial.
Mauthausen. The inscription refers to the 500,000 Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialism, specifically the 450 women and children killed upon arrival at Mauthausen.
Mauthausen. View looking toward edge of the quarry.
Mauthausen. The memorial is cantilevered over the edge of the cliff.
Mauthausen. View toward cliff.
Buchenwald. The Sinti and Roma memorial marks the location of the former barrack number 47. Gypsies were housed here at various times in the camp's history. Hundreds of Sinti and Roma arrived when the Gypsy camp at Birkenau was dissolved in 1944.
Buchenwald. The memorial was erected in 1995.
Buchenwald. Memorial inscription.
Buchenwald. The Sinti and Roma are two large tribes or nations of the Gypsy people. The Sinti lived predominantly in Germany and western Europe. The Roma were centered in Austria and eastern Europe.
Buchenwald. The Sinti and Roma were sent to many different camps. The memorial identifies a number of these camps. Visible in the center of the photograph are inscriptions to Buchenwald, Sobibor, and Sachsenhausen.
Buchenwald. Stones inscribed Triblinka and Gross Rosen.
Buchenwald. Stones inscribed Auschwitz Birkenau and Bergen Belsen.
Buchenwald. Stones inscribed Mauthausen and Belzec.
Buchenwald. Stone inscribed Stutthof. The small stones on top have been left by visitors as a remembrance.

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