Photos: Terezín, I

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Main entrance to the Small Fortress at Terezín (Theresienstadt).
Fortress walls near the entrance.
Exterior walls.
Gate into the first courtyard.
Exterior walls.
Exterior walls.
The Gate of Death as seen from outside the prison walls. Prisoners were lead out through this gate to the place of exectution.
The place of execution.
Protective cover for death squad at the place of execution.
The place of execution.
The place of execution.
The place of execution.
The gallows were used only once to hang three prisoners.
The gallows.
A tunnel leads from the place of execution to mass graves.
601 corpses were exhumed from mass graves in this area and reburied in the National Cemetery.
The mortuary where the corpses of tortured prisoners were kept.
This setion of stone ledge was broken off after it was used in an escape attempt.
The hospital block where hundreds of prisoners died of typhoid fever.
A room in the hospital block.
Gate into the first courtyard.
An exterior window at the Small Fortress.

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