Photos: Terezín, II

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Gate with the inscription, Arbeit macht frei (Work makes you free) leads into the first courtyard from the main entrance to the prison.
A gate.
Detail of gate lock.
View into the Small Fortress through the Gate of Death.
The so-called "Lord's House" where the commander and some of the guards stayed along with their families.
The "Lord's House."
The "Lord's House."
The canteen for the prison staff.
The cinema was established for the use of the prison guards.
The swimming pool was used by the guards and their families.
Prisoner records were kept in the Reception Office (Geschäftszimmer).
Letters were censored and prisoners torturted in the Guard's Office (Wachstube).
In the clothes store (Kammer), prisoners exchanged their clothes for discarded uniforms of defeated armies.
The Sick Room in the first courtyard.
The "show" shaving room established to deceive visitors about the state of sanitary conditions in the camp.
The shaving room.
Delousing kettle.
Bathroom and delousing room.
The Gate of Death as seen from inside the prison.

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