Camp Memorials, N-Z

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Neuengamme Camp. Photographs of monuments at the Neuengamme Camp including the memorials of the nations and the Commerative House. (23 photographs)
Ninth Fort. The memorial to the victims of fascism at the Ninth Fort in Kaunas, Lithuania, was designed by sculptor A. Ambraziunas. Erected in 1984, the monument is 32 meters (105 feet) high. A brochure issued by the Ninth Fort Museum states that the monument "symbolizes pain, sorrow, tortures, and eternal remembrance." (30 photographs)
Plaszow Camp. Photographs of monuments at the Plaszow Camp. (9 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, I. Photographs of sculptures at the Ravensbrück Camp including Burdened Woman, Frau mit Abgeschnitten Haar, and Frau mit Tuch. (22 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, II. Photographs of memorials at the Ravensbrück Camp including the rooms of the nations and other exhibits. (17 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, Figuren wider das Vergessen Exhibition. Stuart N. R. Wolfe's installation of Figuren wider das Vergessen (Figures against Forgetting) at Ravensbrück Women's Camp. (8 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, Frauen Bilder Exhibit. A special exhibition of ten photographs of former Ravensbrück Camp prisoners. (10 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, Müttergruppe. A memorial sculpture by Fritz Cremer located on Dorferstrße on the way to the camp. (18 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, Street of Nations. Photographs of the newly installed memorial on the road to the camp. (13 photographs)
Ravensbrück Camp, Verwoben & Verstrickt. Two fabric installations by Dorota Krakowska and Wolf Lee. (12 photographs)
San Sabba: Memorials. Description. (12 photographs)
Terezín. Photographs of the memorials at the Small Fortress and at the cemetery at Terezín. Also included in this gallery are reproductions of three commemorative postage stamps. (15 photographs)
Treblinka. Photographs of the memorial site taken in the spring of 1999. (36 photographs)
Wernigerode Camp. Photographs of the memorial site taken in the spring of 2001. (13 photographs)
Westerbork Transit Camp. Photographs of the memorial site taken in the spring of 2001 including a monument at Strafbarak 67, a punishment block where Anne Frank was housed. (24 photographs)
Westerbork Transit Camp. Memorials at Camp Westerbork including the National Memorial and the Appèlplaats or roll call area. (26 photographs)

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