Photos: Forced Labor

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Prisoners at forced labor constructing the Krupp factory at Auschwitz, 1942-43.
Forced labor in a locksmith shop in Auschwitz, 1942-43.
Jewish women at forced labor pulling hopper cars of quarried stones along "Industry Street" in the Plaszlow concentration camp, 1944.
Women prisoners from the Plaszow concentration camp march to forced labor, 1943-44.
Prisoners in Buchenwald at forced labor, 1940-41.
A group of Jewish prisoners from Orasienburg at forced labor repairing railroad tracks in front of the Rahnsdorf train station, 1937-40.
Prisoners are forced to build the "Russian camp" in Mauthausen, Austria in 1942.
Jewish women at forced labor in the Plaszow labor camp.
Prisoners at forced labor in the Neuengamme concentration camp.
Forced labor at the Ravensbrück concentration camp.
Prisoners at forced labor in the quarries at the Flossenbürg concentration camp.
The quarry in the Flossenbürg concentration camp.
The camouflaged entrance to the underground rocket factory at Dora-Mittelbau.
Prisoners at forced labor on the Dove-Elbe project which allowed the SS to ship materials produced in the Neuengamme concentration camp to the Elbe river by barge.
Prisoners from Buchenwald concentration camp building the Weimar-Buchenwald railroad line.
"The Jews brought about the Second World War," the Nazis announced cynically while they forced the Jewish population to clear the debris of  Luftwaffe bombing in September, 1939.

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